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Serot, who passed away in March 2012 after a long battle with cancer, was one of the creators of the area called "quantum hadrodynamics" or. and is the second-most cited paper in the field of.

Our proof is based on a consistency argument that in the presence of a classical field two interacting. To enforce the consistency of the theory, we are then led to conclude that such interaction.

Here we investigate the evolution of a two-level atom as a detector which interacts with a massless scalar field using the master equation approach for open quantum system. We employ local quantum.

Casimir effect 1,2 is one of the striking consequences of the fluctuations present in the vacuum state of a quantum. and the theory of inflation. It is known that a single particle interacting with.

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The problem with proving which view is true is the theory that most agree on and that is that quantum states can be changed simply by measuring them, which means, that as things stand now, physicists.

This series provides a vehicle for the publication of informal lecture note volumes in all areas of theoretical and experimental physics. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, the notes present.

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Twin-field (TF) quantum key distribution (QKD) was conjectured to beat the private capacity of a point-to-point QKD link by using single-photon interference in a central measuring station. This.

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With string theory being a multidisciplinary field interfacing with high energy physics, mathematics and quantum field theory, this book is ideal for both students with no previous knowledge of the.

Rev. Lett. 49, 405 (1982). [11] X.-G. Wen, Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems (Oxford University Press, 2004). [12] A. Comtet, T. Jolicoeur, S. Ouvry, and F. David, eds., Topological aspects of.

Among the various approaches to quantum computing, all-optical architectures are especially promising due to the robustness and mobility of single photons. However, the creation of the two-photon.

A major aspect of quantum algorithms research is to make applications of interest more near term by reducing quantum resource requirements including qubit count, circuit depth, numbers of gates, and.

These are self-sustained states existing in two-component BECs, stabilized by the quantum fluctuations around the underlying mean-field states. Here, we review recent results in this field and outline.

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The grand canonical ensemble lies at the core of quantum and classical statistical mechanics. Finally, we define a resource-theory model for thermodynamic exchanges of noncommuting observables.

some of them can be brought to the quantum critical point separating a metallic from an antiferromagnetic state by changing chemical composition, magnetic field, or external pressure. The intricate.

In the majority of these studies the harmonic generation process is described using semi-classical theories which treat the electromagnetic field of the driving laser pulse classically without taking.

For these gases, theoretical tools have been designed to emulate any coupling between matter and gauge potentials, and one emerging goal is now to address problems in quantum field theory. Cooling a.

Our model offers the possibility to study DQCPs without a second length scale associated with the reduced symmetry between field theory and lattice realization and, by construction, is amenable to.

This volume compiles notes from four mini courses given at the summer school on asymptotic analysis in general relativity, held at the Institut. an introduction to quantum field theory on curved.

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The strong interactions between nucleons make nuclei extremely complex quantum many-body systems. Presently, the best theoretical approach for tackling this complexity is the so-called chiral.