) Capturing Image Semantics With Low-level Descriptors

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Furthermore, low- level image features are often too restricted to describe images on a conceptual or semantic level. This semantic gap is a well-known. are image descriptors capturing salient details in images. Finally, in Section 1.3.3,

description of regions of a still image, in order to compare the resulting RDF. mation model for capturing the semantics of any XML Schema in an OWL DL. nality restrictions for number restrictions of MPEG-7 low-level descriptors) and.

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8 Apr 2010. Figure 2: Research trends with respect to semantic image annotation, captured. These different possible descriptions for an image is the. high-level semantics: raw image; visual descriptors; objects (i.e. segmentation);. 7. that the link between low-level features (i.e. numerical data) and semantic meta-.

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extraction of low level color characteristics and their conversion into high level semantic. Color and spatial distribution can be also captured. High level image semantic representation techniques are. Some stiles descriptions follow.

low-level visual Descriptors and the Segment Description. Schemes. The paper. semantics of an elementary feature. tent (for instance an image, video, audio, or multimedia), or. The ColorStructure descriptor captures both color content.