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Nov 24, 2018  · Podcasts: Ancient Greece by Dan and Betsy / November 24, 2018 December 5, 2018 Much of our focus in family travel preparation comes from the perspective of a novice.

and a news round-up with news editor Mark Peplow Podcast Extra: The Antikythera mechanism Audio (mp3 file) We talk to the author of a new book that traces the 2000 year history of the world’s first.

A History of the World is a partnership between the BBC and the British Museum that focuses on world history, involving collaborations between teams across the BBC, and schools, museums and.

How smart speakers, podcasts, and a massive pivot to voice will revolutionize. tell a long and complex story, just like the ancient Greeks that gathered around a fire to hear their local bards.

Jun 08, 2009  · What is happiness? To answer this question, our resident history buffs turn back the clock and take a closer look at ancient Greek philosophy, from Herodotus to Epicurus. Learn more in this podcast from

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Grimberg spoke with Anthony Pastore, Head of UBS Wealth Management Americas On-Air, about the history of encoding and cyber attacks—from the encryption methods of the ancient Greeks to today’s cyber.

Drinking Parties in Ancient Greece 08:17, Thu 26 Aug 2010. James Davidson and David Fearn discuss ancient Greek bards and their booze. The study of classics is the study of the consumption of alcohol.

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There is now hope that ancient history will now be rewritten, giving pride of place to Mesopotamian culture. Egpytians, Greeks, Romans: your time is up. Also in the pod this week, Donald Keene’s love.

In Greek mythology Ino (/ ˈ aɪ n oʊ /; Ancient Greek: Ἰνώ, Ancient: ) was a mortal queen of Boeotia, who after her death and transfiguration was worshiped as a goddess under her epithet Leucothea, the "white goddess." Alcman called her "Queen of the Sea" (θαλασσομέδουσα), which, if not hyperbole, would make her a doublet of Amphitrite

I listen to a lot of history podcasts and I have come up with a list of some podcasts that you may find interesting. the Ancient Wold Podcast has an episode on Zoroastrinism. I really enjoy this podcast- but there are only 9 episodes.

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This page features a range of links and resources targeted at students undertaking Stage 4 history in NSW, Australia as programmed by the Board of Studies, NSW.

It’s also explained by market interest: Greek and Roman artifacts. the ability to braid together such a rich history.

Photograph: Godong/UIG via Getty Images Ancient. history. “History” here is a misnomer: this is not a systematic, chronological exposition of different intellectual traditions (anyone wanting that.

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Sep 18, 2016  · Sources. Hesiod’s Lands and Seasons, Literature and History Podcast. ( Episode 7) McGrail, Seán, Boats of the World: From the Stone Age to Medieval Times (2009). Miles, Richard, Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization (2010).

Mar 09, 2014  · I create the How Jamaica Conquered the World Podcast and The Audio Lounge pod. I live in London and I have been a history fan from ever since I can remember. I’m a fan of Napoleon, The Romans and great liberators.

Today it’s the National party being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, Eric Watson loses one of the biggest tax cases in New Zealand history. The ancient milk, is also popular in Europe,

And then these catholic-ancient-futurists distribute and dialogue about the resources they discover through contemporary means: MP3s and downloadable videos, blogs and podcasts. Christian history).

Ancient Greek History – Audio Donald Kagan ⋅ History (CLCV 205) This is an introductory course in Greek history tracing the development of Greek civilization as manifested in political, intellectual, and creative achievements from the Bronze Age to the end of the classical period.

The History of Ancient Greece Podcast is a deep-dive into one of the most influential and fundamental civilization in world history. Hosted by philhellene Ryan Stitt, THOAG spans over two millennia.

For lifelong learners, courses on Ancient Greece and Rome always remain in steady demand. While these courses are poorly represented in undergraduate programs (at least in the States), they seem be to making a comeback in continuing education programs designed for older students. Eventually, it.

The Conversation is launching a new podcast, Essays On Air. Honorary Associate in Classics and Ancient History at La Trobe University, reading his essay Journeys to the underworld – Greek myth,

This is a single CD containing all of the podcasts in MP3 format and notes in PDF Format of William Finck’s essays on the settlement of Europe, including his German Origins series, and accounts of the identities of the Scythians, Trojan-Romans, and Dorian and Danaan Greeks and more.

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In his bestseller, A brief history of time, physicist Stephen Hawking reminded. and with evening and morning. The Ancient Egyptians used simple sundials and divided days into smaller parts, and it.

We’ve rounded up the most relaxing podcasts, from ancient myths and legends to modern Hollywood mysteries, to help you drift off. If you’ve ever struggled to get to sleep, you’ll. digging into the.

Like many cities in Iraq, Mosul’s history is ancient. It got a mention by the ancient Greeks as far back as 401 B.C. It was a center of manufacturing and trade in the Middle Ages. It plays an.

The History of Ancient Greece By CLNS Media Network. The History of Ancient Greece Podcast is a deep-dive into one of the most influential and fundamental civilization in world history. Hosted by philhellene Ryan Stitt, THOAG spans over two millennia.

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That’s Danielle O’Meara, a professor specialising in the history of mathematics at Caltech. She’d recently completed a history on the development of mathematics in Ancient Greece titled. created.

A Little Gay History draws on objects. which takes place next week, the podcast – which also features artist Maggi Hambling and writer Kate Smith – discusses a number of key objects in the Museum’s.

Ancient Greek is a language like no other. It records an astonishing array of great works in different genres, stretching across a thousand years of history.

In his History of the Peloponnesian War. Control of the site was turned over from the construction company to the Greek Ministry of Culture, which handles the discoveries of ancient ruins. In 2000,

Nov 30, 2010  · This is the second in a series on classical rhetoric. In this post, we lay the foundation of our study of rhetoric by taking a look at its history. While this post is in no way a comprehensive history of rhetoric, it should give you enough background information to understand the context of the principles we’ll be discussing over the next few months.

"I’ve checked," he said, "And the only places you’re likely to find an amphitheater like this, are in Greece and Rome." Pop stars tribute: Chuck Berry is just one of the many pop music superstars who.

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“And she was talking about a podcast and isn’t there. decided to pack the book with a real history, though peppered with asides. In a section on religion, Markoe details a fertility ritual in.