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Thousands of years ago, an ancient Greek athlete named Cylon tried to overthrow the government. It did not end well. Now, archaeologists have stumbled upon mass graves near Athens containing the.

Inevitably, reporters and editors (including those at this newspaper) have reached for their dog-eared school copies of tales from ancient Greek history and mythology to describe events in the.

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ATHENS (Reuters) – Close links between the Greek state and the Orthodox Church are turning from a blessing for the clergy into a curse as the debt-laden government struggles to fund the ancient.

The word liturgy – from the ancient Greek leitourgia – means ‘public. and shipping lanes free from pirates. Given that Athens was a trading centre (indeed, taxes on trade were another source of.

Victoria State Government provides funding as a strategic partner of. There are some interesting parallels to all of this in the political landscape of ancient Athens. It was here that the.

Victoria State Government provides funding as a strategic partner of The. not the least because Trump is often described as a “demagogue” – a Greek term which we will probably see a lot of in the.

ATHENS — Macedonia. between the Greek region and the neighboring country, Mr. Tsipras said. Apart from the name change, the deal also stipulates that the neighboring country “can claim no relation.

In 2001, Athens’ international airport, now named Eleftherios Venizelos, opened in the area of Spata, just outside the Greek capital. The ancient city now had one. and in 2012 the Greek government.

In doing so, democratic politicians rely on the advice of financial bureaucrats, who, often, cater to the political needs of the elected government. This is very different from what happened in.

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In his play Lysistrata, in 411 B.C., the ancient Greek poet Aristophanes has the women of Athens withhold sexual privileges.

civilian government". Both history and geography help explain why Greece matters far beyond its borders. The society which gave the world the embryo of modern democracy in Ancient Greece has only.

In Athens, Tsipras faced a direct challenge to his left-led coalition government’s survival after main opposition New Democracy submitted a motion later Thursday for a no-confidence vote. "I have an.

A cultural landmark property having enormous symbolism, this 643-acre Greek isle lies just opposite the promontory where the Temple of Poseidon stands, at the sea gateway to Athens. that Petalas is.

Greece, from whose ancient playwrights Western drama descends. The world, which owes much to ancient Athens’ legacy, including the idea of democracy, is indebted to today’s Athens for the reminder.

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Apart from the name change, the deal stipulates that the neighboring country “can claim no relation to the ancient. will of the Greek people” and called on citizens to join the protest in Athens.

With a northern arm of the Aegean Sea at her back, Giorgia Bitakou unfurls a blue flag emblazoned with an ancient Greek symbol. country’s use of that name, which Athens says implies a territorial.

Turkey asked the Greek government to exchange the two for the eight. Macron delivered a speech on historic Pnyx Hill in Athens, the site where debates took place in ancient times, after he held.

ATHENS/SKOPJE (Reuters) – Greece and Macedonia have reached. Many Greeks felt their northern neighbor was trying to hijack Greece’s ancient cultural heritage. Macedonia is the birthplace of.

Greece has given up its legal claim to have the Elgin Marbles, a collection of statues, reliefs and friezes carved from marble during the Golden Age of ancient Greek civilization, returned to Athens.

ATHENS (Reuters. The coalition governing Greece for the past four years crumbled on Sunday after Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, head of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party, left the government,